Models of Comfort Collection by Catty are available in pastel colors, clean cut with attention to detail, and a variety of stylish accessories. The collection offers dresses and skirts made of lightweight fabrics, silk, chiffon, satin, like a gentle breeze that touching your body. As the main impetus for clothes are prints in different interpretations. They cover a wide range of highly saturated colors, graphics, flowers and ethnic patterns. Have a greater presence and mix of pastel colors and combinations in black and white. Catty offers a wide variety of shirts that start with neutral and pastel tones and reach saturated candy and sparkling neon colors. Catty focuses on silk blouses that are part of the fashion trends. Type them in different variations conservative (high cuff), modern (with ribbons cooler) or a special decoration (holes tucks, frills, embroidery, buttons). White blouses inseparably continue to appear in new spring-summer collection and are available in different variations, either with decorative collars or clean and simple option. Classic patterns of Comfort Collection with vivid detail, highlighting the graceful silhouette. With Comfort Collection You are beautiful, fascinating and pragmatic.